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The car business is in our blood. 13 years ago I sat in my office knowing if I had more people to talk to I could sell more cars. At the time the options for getting in front of customers and bringing them in the door, well, sucked. Being inside a dealership and working one on one with customers gave me a clear advantage; I knew their questions, their roadblocks, concerns and how emotions factored into the process. I also knew what made them buy. I could take that knowledge and apply it to automotive marketing.

The core of our business is relationships.We believe that relationships are key and how we provide our services is just as important as the types of services we provide. This means conducting ourselves and our daily operations with integrity and an unwavering commitment that demonstrates our dealer's best interest is our primary focus. 

We're okay being a little fish in a big pond. We're asked if we've been around so long why dealers haven't heard of us. Years ago we made a choice to remain small and operate as a boutique agency. After 5 years in business we had an in-house call center and marketing agreements with Chrysler through the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest Business Centers - our team grew exponentially. With that growth we lost the ability to personally connect with each client, it limited our ability to provide highly personalized services, added overhead, and strained our flexibility. We weren't willing to sacrifice something as simple as a General Manager feeling comfortable calling or texting at 9pm to discuss advertising because it was the only free moment he or she had all day, little things like that were important to our clients. Ultimately operating as a large agency did not fit with our vision and the level and type of services we set out to provide our dealers.

Small but mighty. Don't be fooled by our size, our commitment to building relationships isn't just on the dealer side. Because of the way we run our business we have built relationships with print and technology vendors, as well as other agencies, all over the nation. These relationships have earned us some of the most competitive pricing and priority service - both of which we pass along to our clients.