A specially encoded frame called an overlay is placed on every photo you use of any vehicle, on any website.

The text code follows the picture everywhere. It allows buyers to send you a text directly to ask for information about that specific vehicle.

Are you closed on Sundays? When you're closed, we're working. Capture your after hours lot shoppers with your choice of a customized window sticker or reusable window cling. With just a text, after-hours lot browsers can ask for more information on any in-stock vehicle and contact you via the lot sticker.

Maximize ROI on 3rd party sites like Autotrader, Cars.com and CarGurus.com. Creates a frictionless information gathering process for your online customers.

Consumers prefer texting FOR IMMEDIATE COMMUNICATION.


Turn your Inventory Photos Into Text Lead Generating Machines


Consumers today want information fast and it can’t get any faster than offering a text quote right to their mobile device. Whatever your online pricing strategy is, we can deliver it right to your customer's smartphone. They get what they want, you get the hottest leads entering your CRM.

Sell Cars from Anywhere - Even When You’re Closed

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Our IT staff will set up everything you need to get started, integrating our software into your existing marketing and CRM programs. FREE!

The software integrates your entire inventory, so every vehicle generates its own mobile campaign - automatically.

Profit from a complete in-house text lead generation solution. This robust web-based software will generate instant text leads on vehicles in your inventory no matter where you advertise them.

Is your dealership doing everything it can to harness the power of mobile?

Customers today are looking for a frictionless car purchasing experience! Are you doing everything possible to provide the experience they want? This is the only solution providing easy-to-use texting software for car sales both on the web and on the lot. We want to help you make your sales soar!

Increase Profitability

& Raise Your CSI

Our one-of-a-kind mobile leads software is a dynamic text lead generating platform that enables you to communicate with car shoppers first and more effectively than ever before.

Inventory Lot Leads provides a frictionless dialog with your customers, via text. Our robust web-based software allows auto dealers to generate text leads on specific vehicles in your inventory from your home site as well as third-party sites across the internet.

Today’s Consumers have become:
• More impatient
• More demanding
• More inquisitive
Is your texting strategy giving your potential customers the information they want instantly?